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Get Real About Sales and Service

You may think your front-line staff has you covered.  However, it’s not what you think; it’s what your customers think.

In the first of our four-step approach, we’ll take an objective look at your organization’s sales and service delivery, and tailor a program that creates positive, lasting change in your staff and your business.

Start With Knowledge and a Plan

In the Assessment and Design phase, we’ll identify the skills, attitudes and behaviors that stand in the way of creating legendary customer experiences.
We will then create a training strategy, and tailor a program that focuses on what your customers want and trains your staff on how to give it to them.

With your input, we’ll determine the overall objectives, budget and timeline for your training initiative through one or more of these program elements:

  • Account Assessment Call – We’ll gather business information, including training goals and objectives
  • On-site Assessment Visit – We’ll further evaluate complex training needs discovered in the Account Assessment Call
  • Pre-sales Phone Shopping – We’ll measure current sales and service skill levels
  • Training Confirmation Call – We’ll verify training logistics and the role of the facilitator and/or program driver
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